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As a family-run glazier, we have many years of experience with glass, and our priority has always been customer satisfaction. Today, we offer all traditional glazing works (glazing of doors, windows, glass processing, …) as well as modern production (production of aquariums an terrariums, glazing of pergolas and other structures, glass tiles, …).

In our projects, we emphasize the quality of the work as well as the speed of completion and customer service.

Glass processing

In the processing of glass, polycarbonate and plexiglass we perform: cutting, grinding, drilling, hardening, sandblasting, faceting, polishing, …

Glazing work

Glazing of windows, doors, greenhouses and other structures with the option of complete reconstruction…

Types of glass

classic float, extra clear float, coloured float, ornamental glass, reflective glass, bonded safety glass, …